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zope-atcontenttypes-0.2-rc3::types::ATTopic::ATTopic Class Reference

Inherits Products::ATContentTypes::types::ATContentType::ATCTFolder.

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Detailed Description

A topic folder

Definition at line 48 of file ATTopic.py.

Public Member Functions

def addCriterion
def addSubtopic
def buildQuery
def criteriaByIndexId
def deleteCriterion
def getCriterion
def getSortCriterion
def hasSortCriterion
def listAvailableFields
def listCriteria
def listCriteriaMetaTypes
def listCriteriaTypes
def listFields
def listIndicesByCriterion
def listSearchCriteria
def listSearchCriteriaMetaTypes
def listSearchCriteriaTypes
def listSortCriteriaMetaTypes
def listSortCriteriaTypes
def listSubtopics
def queryCatalog
def removeSortCriterion
def setSortCriterion
def synContentValues
def validateAddCriterion

Static Public Attributes

tuple actions
tuple allowed_content_types = ()
string archetype_name = 'AT Topic'
tuple assocFileExt = ()
tuple assocMimetypes = ()
tuple cmf_edit_kws = ()
string content_icon = 'topic_icon.gif'
string default_view = 'atct_topic_view'
int filter_content_types = 1
string immediate_view = 'atct_topic_view'
string meta_type = 'ATTopic'
tuple newTypeFor = ('Topic', 'Portal Topic')
 schema = ATTopicSchema
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
tuple suppl_views = ()
string typeDescMsgId = 'description_edit_topic'
tuple typeDescription
int use_folder_tabs = 0

Static Private Attributes

 __implements__ = ATCTFolder.__implements__,IATTopic

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