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zope-atcontenttypes-0.2-rc3::types::ATFile::ATExtFile Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for zope-atcontenttypes-0.2-rc3::types::ATFile::ATExtFile:


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Detailed Description

Definition at line 171 of file ATFile.py.

Public Member Functions

def __str__
def cmf_edit
def getFile
def getIcon
def icon
def index_html
def setFile
def txng_get

Static Public Attributes

string archetype_name = 'AT Ext File'
tuple assocFileExt = ()
tuple assocMimetypes = ()
tuple cmf_edit_kws = ()
string content_icon = 'file_icon.gif'
string default_view = 'file_view'
string immediate_view = 'file_view'
string meta_type = 'ATExtFile'
string newTypeFor = ''
 schema = ATExtFileSchema
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
tuple suppl_views = ()
string typeDescMsgId = 'description_edit_file'
string typeDescription = "Add the relevant details of the file to be added in the form below,\n"

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