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zope-atcontenttypes-0.2-rc3::types::ATDocument::ATDocument Class Reference

Inherits Products::ATContentTypes::types::ATContentType::ATCTContent, and Products::ATContentTypes::HistoryAware::HistoryAwareMixin.

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Detailed Description

An Archetypes derived version of CMFDefault's Document

Definition at line 48 of file ATDocument.py.

Public Member Functions

def cmf_edit
def CookedBody
def EditableBody
def getTidyOutput
def guessMimetypeOfText
def manage_afterAdd
def setFormat
def setText

Static Public Attributes

tuple actions
string archetype_name = 'AT Document'
tuple assocFileExt = ('doc', 'txt', 'stx', 'rst', 'rest', 'pdf', 'py' )
tuple assocMimetypes
tuple cmf_edit_kws = ('text_format',)
string content_icon = 'document_icon.gif'
string default_view = 'document_view'
string immediate_view = 'document_view'
string meta_type = 'ATDocument'
tuple newTypeFor = ('Document', 'Document')
 schema = ATDocumentSchema
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
tuple suppl_views = ()
tuple text_format = ComputedAttribute(ATCTContent.getContentType, 1)
string text_format = 'text/plain'
string typeDescMsgId = 'description_edit_document'
string typeDescription = 'Fill in the details of this document.'

Private Member Functions

def _notifyOfCopyTo

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __implements__

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