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#  ATContentTypes http://sf.net/projects/collective/
#  Archetypes reimplementation of the CMF core types
#  Copyright (c) 2003-2004 AT Content Types development team
#  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
#  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
#  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
#  (at your option) any later version.
#  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#  GNU General Public License for more details.
#  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
#  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
#  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

$Id: ATEvent.py,v 1.26 2004/10/16 21:24:32 tiran Exp $
__author__  = ''
__docformat__ = 'restructuredtext'

from Products.ATContentTypes.config import *

from types import StringType
from DateTime import DateTime
from ComputedAttribute import ComputedAttribute

    from Products.LinguaPlone.public import registerType
    from Products.Archetypes.public import registerType

from Products.CMFCore.CMFCorePermissions import ModifyPortalContent, View
from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName
from AccessControl import ClassSecurityInfo

from Products.ATContentTypes.utils import DT2dt
from Products.ATContentTypes.types.ATContentType import ATCTContent, updateActions
from Products.ATContentTypes.interfaces.IATEvent import IATEvent
from Products.ATContentTypes.types.schemata import ATEventSchema
from Products.ATContentTypes.CalendarSupport import CalendarSupportMixin
from Products.ATContentTypes.Permissions import ChangeEvents

00048 class ATEvent(ATCTContent, CalendarSupportMixin):
    """An Archetype derived version of CMFCalendar's Event"""

    schema         =  ATEventSchema

    content_icon   = 'event_icon.gif'
    meta_type      = 'ATEvent'
    archetype_name = 'AT Event'
    default_view   = 'event_view'
    immediate_view = 'event_view'
    suppl_views    = ()
    newTypeFor     = ('Event', 'CMF Event')
    typeDescription= 'Fill in the details of the event you want to add.'
    typeDescMsgId  = 'description_edit_event'
    assocMimetypes = ()
    assocFileExt   = ('event', )
    cmf_edit_kws   = ('effectiveDay', 'effectiveMo', 'effectiveYear',
                      'expirationDay', 'expirationMo', 'expirationYear',
                      'start_time', 'startAMPM', 'stop_time', 'stopAMPM',
                      'start_date', 'end_date', 'contact_name', 'contact_email',
                      'contact_phone', 'event_url')

    __implements__ = ATCTContent.__implements__, IATEvent

    security       = ClassSecurityInfo()

    actions = updateActions(ATCTContent, CalendarSupportMixin.actions)

    security.declareProtected(ChangeEvents, 'setEventType')
00077     def setEventType(self, value, alreadySet=False, **kw):
        """CMF compatibility method

        Changing the event type changes also the subject.
        if type(value) is StringType:
            value = (value,)
        elif not value:
            # XXX mostly harmless?
            value = ()
        f = self.getField('eventType')
        f.set(self, value, **kw) # set is ok
        if not alreadySet:
            self.setSubject(value, alreadySet=True, **kw)

    security.declareProtected(ModifyPortalContent, 'setSubject')
00093     def setSubject(self, value, alreadySet=False, **kw):
        """CMF compatibility method

        Changing the subject changes also the event type.
        f = self.getField('subject')
        f.set(self, value, **kw) # set is ok

        # set the event type to the first subject
        if type(value) is StringType:
            v = (value, )
        elif value:
            v = value[0]
            v = ()

        if not alreadySet:
            self.setEventType(v, alreadySet=True, **kw)

    security.declareProtected(View, 'getEventTypes')
00113     def getEventTypes(self):
        """fetch a list of the available event types from the vocabulary
        metatool = getToolByName(self, "portal_metadata")
        events = metatool.listAllowedSubjects(content_type = "Event")
        return events

    def cmf_edit(self, title=None, description=None, eventType=None,
             effectiveDay=None, effectiveMo=None, effectiveYear=None,
             expirationDay=None, expirationMo=None, expirationYear=None,
             start_date=None, start_time=None, startAMPM=None,
             end_date=None, stop_time=None, stopAMPM=None,
             contact_name=None, contact_email=None, contact_phone=None,

        if effectiveDay and effectiveMo and effectiveYear and start_time:
            sdate = '%s-%s-%s %s %s' % (effectiveDay, effectiveMo, effectiveYear,
                                         start_time, startAMPM)
        elif start_date:
            if not start_time:
                start_time = '00:00:00'
            sdate = '%s %s' % (start_date, start_time)
            sdate = None

        if expirationDay and expirationMo and expirationYear and stop_time:
            edate = '%s-%s-%s %s %s' % (expirationDay, expirationMo,
                                        expirationYear, stop_time, stopAMPM)
        elif end_date:
            if not stop_time:
                stop_time = '00:00:00'
            edate = '%s %s' % (end_date, stop_time)
            edate = None

        if sdate and edate:
            if edate < sdate:
                edate = sdate

        self.update(title=title, description=description, eventType=eventType,
                    location=location, contactName=contact_name,
                    contactEmail=contact_email, contactPhone=contact_phone,

    security.declareProtected(View, 'post_validate')
00162     def post_validate(self, REQUEST=None, errors=None):
        """Validates start and end date

        End date must be after start date
        rstartDate = REQUEST.get('startDate', None)
        rendDate = REQUEST.get('endDate', None)

        if rendDate:
            end = DateTime(rendDate)
            end = self.end()
        if rstartDate:
            start = DateTime(rstartDate)
            start = self.start()

        if start > end:
            errors['endDate'] = "End date must be after start date"

    def _start_date(self):
        value = self['startDate']
        if value is None:
            value = self['creation_date']
        return DT2dt(value)

    security.declareProtected(View, 'start_date')
    start_date = ComputedAttribute(_start_date)

    def _end_date(self):
        value = self['endDate']
        if value is None:
            return self.start_date
        return DT2dt(value)

    security.declareProtected(View, 'end_date')
    end_date = ComputedAttribute(_end_date)

    def _duration(self):
        return self.end_date - self.start_date

    security.declareProtected(View, 'duration')
    duration = ComputedAttribute(_duration)

    def __cmp__(self, other):
        if not isinstance(other, self.__class__):
            # XXX Should fix this.
            return cmp(self, False)
        return cmp((self.start_date, self.duration, self.title),
                   (other.start_date, other.duration, other.title))

    def __hash__(self):
        return hash((self.start_date, self.duration, self.title))

    security.declareProtected(ModifyPortalContent, 'update')
    def update(self, event=None, **kwargs):
        # Clashes with BaseObject.update, so
        # we handle gracefully
        info = {}
        if event is not None:
            for field in event.Schema().fields():
                info[field.getName()] = event[field.getName()]
        elif kwargs:
            info = kwargs
        ATCTContent.update(self, **info)

registerType(ATEvent, PROJECTNAME)

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